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Saturn Amsterdam

We didn't have to think very long when Hendriks Aluminium called us asking if we were able to install the entrances and also a very special 3 winged telescope door for the Flagship Store of their customer Saturn.

You can see on the video if we succeed.
Saturn has more than 260 branches in 14 countries and is one of the largest electronics retailers in Europe.
Since Saturn is open 7 days a week, a huge amount of people goes though the Chameo doors daily.

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About Chameo

Chameo develops, delivers and installs intelligent solutions for access technology. Our aim is to ensure that everyone can use our access technology and eliminate the need for creating special entrances for people with disabilities.



”My experiences with Chameo are really good. The company is very open, you will feel welcome and the communication between customer and advisor is very open. On top of that, people will think along for the best solution for your problem.”

Jan Ruitenberg, CareResorts Thailand

"We apply the automatic doors of Chameo in the computer rooms and data centers that we offer to our clients. Chameo has for many years been a partner on which we can count. Not only the products that Chameo delivers, are of high quality but also their service."

Ronald Kok, CEO All IT Rooms