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Entree VvE te Amsterdam

Bij deze VvE te Amsterdam heeft Chameo een smalprofiel telescooppui geleverd in combinatie met een C200T telescoopschuifdeuraandrijving.

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Fixdeal The Hague

Our client Fixdeal wanted to separate the inbound from the outbound customers. Because of the interior of the shop, it was difficult for the staff to distinguish which customer just entered the shop and which went out.

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Boutique Hotel The Roosevelt te Middelburg

Bij dit schitterende hotel in het hartje van Middelburg heeft Chameo een gastvrije entreepui geplaatst met behoud van de authentieke uitstraling van het pand.

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Head Office Intertoys Waddinxveen

Head Office Intertoys Waddinxveen commissioned us to deliver the access control for the reception of their head office.
The customer chose a traditional double turnstile in one housing.

Because there was a very beautiful wooden floor in the entrance hall we have delivered a special stainless steel bottom plate which was glued down to the floor and on which we placed the tourniquet.

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Vomar Beverwijk

Bij de Vomar in Beverwijk is door Chameo een dubbelvleugelige deur met een dagmaat van 3000 mm gemonteerd.

Dat is dus een deuropening van wel 3 meter!

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DUO Plant

At Duo plant, the client wanted more control over the customer flow. Access had to be arranged by means of a bar code reader. We delivered a stainless column and a separate inbound and outbound conduction, perfect for moving shopping cards and enabled with an intercom system.

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Pop Vriend Seeds Andijk

Door toename van de laboratorium activiteiten heeft Pop Vriend Seeds op de bestaande locatie een nieuw laboratorium en kantoor laten bouwen.

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Care Resort Huahin (Thailand)

If we dared to make Care Resort in Thailand fully wheelchair accessible. Yes!
The Holiday Care Villas are, fully adapted and wheelchair accessible, luxury holiday villas and accommodations. Chameo has therefore installed the complete door automation of the luxury villas. In this luxury fully customized villas you can spend your holiday or stay for a longer time (for example staying during the winter or recovering from a medical procedure). The villas are situated in a quiet area close to the popular spa Royal Hua Hin.

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Sports hall "de Fluit"

In Leidschendam we have installed a cool entrance in the Fluit Sports Hall. The black door profiles make the entrée complete. Both doors are equipped with a key switch with a stainless steel plate. This allows the door to be installed in the desired position.

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Baronie Alphen aan den Rijn

From an old rundown chocolate factory to very modern apartments and shops.
The largest industrial monument of Alphen aan den Rijn, the Baronie was built in 1954 with aid of the Marshall plan, but the last years the building was empty and ruined.

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Apartments Noordwijk

At the 3 beautiful apartment buildings right on the coast (next to Huis ter Duin) in Noordwijk, the existing manual doors had to be replaced with automatic sliding doors.

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"He should open and close automatically"... This we could arrange.
No fuss, no frills, just a reliable front door that opens quickly if customers go in and then closes instantly to keep the cold out. This helps you to save from energy costs. Well, the door was installed.

A double lock of 2 automatic outside doors and 2 automatic inside doors. He opens and then closes again. No frills! (At various locations).


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Saturn Amsterdam

We didn't have to think very long when Hendriks Aluminium called us asking if we were able to install the entrances and also a very special 3 winged telescope door for the Flagship Store of their customer Saturn.

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That safety and reliability are important for T-Systems was very clear to us from the beginning. With a global infrastructure of data centres and networks, T-Systems delivers innovative ICT solutions and services for large business organizations and governments. The ICT service provider has offices in more than 20 countries, 52,000 employees worldwide and generated revenue of EUR 10 billion in the fiscal year 2012.

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Office building Alphen aan den Rijn

In an office building in Alphen aan den Rijn an existing inner door had to open and close automatically.
Nothing more, nothing less.
The door is set to "push and go" through which the user has to push against the door very lightly and the automatic system does the rest.

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Residential building Zoetermeer

A beautiful residential building in Zoetermeer. Near the station, easily accessible and within walking distance from the shops.
The only downside was that there was a manual revolving door which stayed open allowing a free access to unwanted guests.

Because of the large wind load on the property, a ' revolving door ' machine mount was not a good solution.
Therefore it has been chosen for the existing manual revolving door to be replaced by a single winged door with telescope drives.
The operation of the automatic door goes through the phone system, the intercom and a key switch on the outside of the building.

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Home Decor

At Home Decor, Chameo has installed a double winged sliding door.
Home Decor is an interior design shop specialized in decorating homes and businesses.

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Ernst & Young

15 floors and on each floor sliding doors and machines from Chameo.
Glass and transparency combined with the convenience of automatic access.
That's what our client at the Office of Ernst Young & in Amsterdam wanted.

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HEMA distribution centre Utrecht

As if it was the most natural thing in the world, we replaced the old mechanical tripod turnstiles at the distribution centre of the Hema with motor-empowered turnstiles with 2-hand system.


About Chameo

Chameo develops, delivers and installs intelligent solutions for access technology. Our aim is to ensure that everyone can use our access technology and eliminate the need for creating special entrances for people with disabilities.



"We apply the automatic doors of Chameo in the computer rooms and data centers that we offer to our clients. Chameo has for many years been a partner on which we can count. Not only the products that Chameo delivers, are of high quality but also their service."

Ronald Kok, CEO All IT Rooms

”My experiences with Chameo are really good. The company is very open, you will feel welcome and the communication between customer and advisor is very open. On top of that, people will think along for the best solution for your problem.”

Jan Ruitenberg, CareResorts Thailand