On 1 January 2007, the social support Act (SSA) entered into force. In the social support Act (Wmo) is stated that everyone should be able to participate in the society. This implies the removal of obstacles in and around the house, in the local transport and in meeting places. The municipality is responsible for this. The municipality must give and support those who are in need with for example a wheelchair or help in the household.

Door automation can help the disabled, the chronically ill and the elderly to continue living at home independently. Being able to live independently is important factor for maintaining the freedom of movement and the self-esteem of people. The following modifications are often proposed by the ergonomic consultants:

Doors / entrances
- Place brackets;
- Place an electric door opener, so that the door opens by itself;
- Broaden the door in order to have enough space to enter with a wheelchair;
- Bring a ramp to reach the door with a wheelchair;
- Place helpers and threshold ramps (e.g. on the Gallery);
- Use a remote intercom to let someone inside.

Storage / garage door
- an automatic door opener on the garage door or salvage;
- Make space for your mobility scooter in the garage or storage shed;
- Place an electricity contact in your garage or storage room to charge your scooter;
- Make use of earthed sockets.

Our advisors will be pleased to provide a free of charge advice on what are the technical possibilities that might best suit you and your specific needs and situation.




About Chameo

Chameo develops, delivers and installs intelligent solutions for access technology. Our aim is to ensure that everyone can use our access technology and eliminate the need for creating special entrances for people with disabilities.



"We apply the automatic doors of Chameo in the computer rooms and data centers that we offer to our clients. Chameo has for many years been a partner on which we can count. Not only the products that Chameo delivers, are of high quality but also their service."

Ronald Kok, CEO All IT Rooms

”My experiences with Chameo are really good. The company is very open, you will feel welcome and the communication between customer and advisor is very open. On top of that, people will think along for the best solution for your problem.”

Jan Ruitenberg, CareResorts Thailand