Supermarkets & Shopping malls


Are you looking for a way to give your customers a welcoming and comfortable entrance? Chameo provides the solution you are looking for. Chameo sliding doors ensure reliable access solution allowing your customers to easily go in and out of your shop.

Close it when it should be closed and open it when it should be open. No matter what the weather does, no matter the amount of people or the time of the day. Automatic sliding doors keep the cold out and create a comfortable environment allowing your customers a pleasant shopping experience. In addition, the Chameo automatic doors also reduce your energy bill.

Benefits of a sliding door for supermarkets and shopping centres:
High capacity
Energy savings (summer and winter mode)
Optimally manageable indoor climate
Prevents fast air movement
Provides easy access for use of shopping carts and people in wheelchairs.
Beautiful and modern appearance
Enables the optimal use of the free retail space


About Chameo

Chameo develops, delivers and installs intelligent solutions for access technology. Our aim is to ensure that everyone can use our access technology and eliminate the need for creating special entrances for people with disabilities.



”My experiences with Chameo are really good. The company is very open, you will feel welcome and the communication between customer and advisor is very open. On top of that, people will think along for the best solution for your problem.”

Jan Ruitenberg, CareResorts Thailand

"We apply the automatic doors of Chameo in the computer rooms and data centers that we offer to our clients. Chameo has for many years been a partner on which we can count. Not only the products that Chameo delivers, are of high quality but also their service."

Ronald Kok, CEO All IT Rooms